History Laktopol

A few words about us



A short history of the foundation in Laktopol in Suwałki.
The plans to open a purchase in our area have been smoldering in the minds of both the Laktopol managers and the owner for years. However, that spark was still missing to make the final decision. Laktopol had no shortage of raw material, the years 2012-2014 were really milk: full tanks with milk, powder production at full steam – 24 hours a day. Until May 24, 2016, in Grajewo, a resolution was adopted to merge SM in Grajewo with SM Sudowia from Suwałki. Then the owner of the Polindus-Laktopol Capital Group decided to open a purchase for PPHU Laktopol in Suwałki.


Within a dozen or so months, we achieved the first million liters of purchased milk from individual farms. Do we inspire trust? We sincerely hope so, because it is evidenced by the progress of changes – both in increasing employment in the purchasing center and in the purchased specialist equipment for testing the quality of milk, in the number of tanks purchased, or in the amount of milk currently purchased.
The success of our cooperation with milk producers is the principle – do not make empty promises, do not persuade – the decision must belong only to the supplier whether or not to change the purchasing entity from a cooperative to a private enterprise. The rules of cooperation with us are also simple – a transparent contract, without the complexities or difficulties associated with terminating the contract with us, and honesty regarding the quality of milk, which is written in the contract. We pay for milk of appropriate quality and pay for it in accordance with the price list, which clearly defines the conditions for purchasing milk from producers.
In the following articles, we will present our department and fieldwork rules.